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Office Furniture - Some Recent Office Furniture Clearances for Abbots Langley

October 2021
1. Sales through our shop continue to grow healthily this month. It's a good sign that the customers are predominantly businesses of all sizes, which we take as a sign of increased confidence. With a number of large customers taking up office furniture to accommodate expanding staff, it is also encouraging to see a good number of new start up businesses coming in to get kitted out.

2. As an interesting side effect of the Covid 19 pandemic, we are seeing a change in the chair covering materials demanded by our customers. There has been a big swing toward glossy fabrics that can be treated with antiviral wipes and sanitising gels. This has been noticeable among our NHS customers and all who have a fast turnover of visitors needing seats. In order to satisfy demand, we are keeping as much of this type of stock as possible.

3. The demand for clearances continues to grow like wildfire, with this month seeing our biggest ever demand to quote for clearing office space. with lockdowns coming to an end in many areas, there is a need to get office spaces working again. A good proportion of this is to satisfy the needs of a continued increase in home working and a trend within offices to populate less densely, with fewer desks and more open breakout areas. It is still sad to see that some businesses didn't survive the impact of the pandemic, and all we can hope is that the people concerned re-surface in new businesses, possibly of their own.

September 2021
1. In talking to customers at our retail shop, it becomes clear that when visiting us to buy what is essentially a very practical range, they still enjoy the overall experience. Huge stocks of office furniture with great choice is naturally the first thing our customers look for, but there is more to sending people away happy than just that. The relaxed atmosphere is complemented by freshly decorated showroom areas on all three floors with comfortable LED lighting for the best possible viewing. There is interesting artwork throughout the store to give a 'lifestyle' view of the furniture, as well as the odd quirky item such as life sized David Hasselhof and Mr Yoda putting in an appearance. Come over and see for yourself, from the newly painted black and white exterior to enjoying a complimentary coffee while perusing the huge range, we try to make office furniture buying a pleasurable experience.

2. This month, clearance work in London has picked up a lot too. This is where deadlines are tightest and the pace of work has to be flat out. We love this aspect of working in the capital, and see it rather like having a gym membership where you get paid for working out. These are the jobs that keep us fit. It is also very satisfying to get the job done amidst the hustle and bussle of the big city. Exercise, satisfaction and gainful employment all in one. It just doesn't get any better than that.

August 2021
1. If July was crazy for sales of office furniture, then August must have been the Mad Hatter's Tea Party. It is great to see that much of this business is being driven by expansion in companies, both locally and all over the UK. The feeling of confidence is back in the market and now the goal for most is simply to crack on and get busy.

2. Driven by continued demand from home working and personal callers at our shop, we have increased stock levels by some 20% to ensure that there is sufficient choice of style and colour available at all times. Customers are really welcoming the choice that there is in our range now and that happiness is reflected in increased sales. It is really great to see this virtuous spiral driving sales upwards, making more customers happy.

3. Likewise, clearance work continues at an all time high. The greater volume of work is still in London but this month, substantial clearances have also been completed in Norwich and Leeds, so we are definitely seeing a nationwide upward trend.

July 2021
1. The flood gates opened in earnest this month, with customers all over the country ordering desks, chairs an cabinets to accommodate expanding staff levels and resurgence of business in most sectors. To make sure the demand can be satisfied, our Ipswich shop is now holding record levels of stock, with thousands of chairs, desks and cabinets ready to go to new homes.

2. The clearance side of our business has also grown exponentially this month. With levels of calls higher than we have ever known in 31 years of trading, the clearance team is working flat out every day. Some of the clearances being carried out now were those who missed out before lockdown but the greater part of this work is coming from regular and new corporate customers investing resources in moves, refurbishments and relocations.

3. July's biggest clearance was ABTA, who must be busier than ever with the level of travel disruption that has been and is still being experienced by the UK travel industry. There is little surprise that they are creating extra capacity.

June 2020
1. Once again, the story of the month is chairs, chairs and more chairs. The whole country has gone crazy for good quality office chairs. This is still being driven by the need for people to work from home while the Covid crisis persists. The market is also very strongly value driven now. Customers know that by spending a little more they will get a lot more comfort and something that looks good in their home office too. Luckily, our customers have a great selection to choose from as there are plenty of designer chairs like Herman Miller and Steelcase coming in with stock changing daily.

2.The personal service of our business is also gaining us many new friends and customers, from all over the UK. This is greatly helped by our policy of delivering free of charge wherever possible. Whether your order is for a single chair or a complete office suite, the level of customer focus and attention is the same. Quite simply, no hassle with third parties or couriers, just a personal service from us to you. We see this as a major contributing factor to our zero returns rate. It is simple to provide an error free service when you accept responsibility at every stage.

3. Whether you live in a big city, or a small village, you are covered. From our Ipswich facility recent deliveries of hundreds of chairs and other items of office furniture have taken us to Birmingham, Manchester, Liverpool, Maidenhead and St Ives (not the one just round the corner either). Wherever you are (or the friends that you tell), you can be sure of great value and reliable service from a major, high quality used office furniture supplier.

May 2020
1. Getting fit for the summer in our case doesn't mean cultivating a 'beach body'. No, for us it means that we need to be fit for moving huge quantities of office furniture. With a sensed renewal of confidence in the market, possibly due to there being some light at the end of the Covid tunnel now that the date has been set for the end of restrictions on July 19th, customers are booking major clearances again. The summer for us is nearly fully booked, with many new clearances being requested as well as the re-booking of some cancelled as long ago as March 2020. It's been a while since we have been that busy but we are confident of sliding straight back into the rhythm.

2. Retail sales and interest have surged at our Ipswich outlet too. One particular customer that it is great to see regularly is our local NHS. By using recycled rather than new office furniture, the savings amount to thousands of pounds that the health service can put to far better use. They have realised that from a quality point of view there is no need to buy new, the average price from us is about one third of new, and there is no lead time with most deliveries taking place on the day of order. We are proud to be helping in our way and thank the local NHS team for supporting us as a fellow local business.

3. Norlfolk has been a particularly successful area this month. We have been advertising and promoting throughout the county, which is yielding great sales success. This is great for our team as not only are we happy for the business and making people happy with great value, but it gives an opportunity to see the local holiday towns and beauty spots in the early summer sunshine, as well as a chance to grab some of the famous local fish and chips on the way home. Everyone's a winner!

April 2021
1. And they are off! At last, we have been able to open our retail store in Ipswich, and the response has been fantastic. Sales have exceeded our initial expectations and some! With many people still working from home, strong interest in office chairs for use in their newly found offices was expected. However, what is really encouraging to see is the level of orders from businesses buying for new office space. It is really great to see that everyone is confident and raring to go, making 2021 the real bounce-back that we all need.

2. With the easing of travel restrictions, it is all guns blazing here for the backlog of office clearances that has built up while we were all locked down. It is extremely gratifying to see not only our regular clients coming back to us, but also a whole raft of new customers have been calling to arrange the clearances they need. Thge first really big clearance of the month has just started opposite the Bank of England. This is providing hundreds of items for re-use and recycling.

3. With a more normal business horizon now, we wish good luck to everyone picking up the pieces for the future of their business.

March 2021
1. The month has carried on the trend of recent times, with enormous numbers of office chairs being sold for work at home purposes. It is also great to see that the most up-market chairs are the ones being chosen for this purpose. Comfort is a necessity when working, not a luxury, so people are making very wise investments in the higher quality, more adjustable chairs that will give them the support they need.

2. With many of the larger sites still inaccessible to us, the month hasn't seen any large-scale office clearances. However, a large number of smaller clearances have kept us busy in places where access was possible. This has also provided a great range of stock for recycling through the Ipswich retail store, which re-opens on April 2nd. We are certainly hoping that this is going to be the last of the Corona virus lockdowns. Business needs some normality and stability now.

February 2021
1. With less time being spent on clearances due to lack of access during the current pandemic, it has been a good opportunity to carry out some improvements to our showrooms to improve the visitor experience. One of the most noticeable changes has been to the lighting, which is now a thing of beauty. Having changed the old fluorescent tubes for LED lighing on two floors, we have now carried the change through to the top floor. Even though this was the only floor with good natural lighting, this has made a great difference. Not only is the environment inside much more pleasant for customers now, but the environment outside will be helped by the minimal power consumption compared to fluorescents. With an expected life of 24,000 hours per lamp, waste will also be cut down, making a double environmental win for the new lighting.

2. With many people working from home during the pandemic, sales of high quality office chairs are still going strong. Additionally, we are seeing quite a lot of interest from businesses planning for when they can re-open, and purchasing in advance. Luckily, our stocks of designer chairs are still plentiful with a great choice to fit all shapes and sizes, so bring on the boom after the bust, you will find us ready…

3. Ready to spring into action! For so long now, access has been impossible to many buildings that are in need of office clearances and re-organisation, quite a queue has built up. When April comes around and work is once again possible, we anticipate being very busy indeed. Many regular customers are in touch frequently to make sure that their urgent clearances will be carried out on the required date. It is going to be a challenge to keep up, but with a dedicated, flexible team, we will rise to that challenge while fitting in a few inevitable last-minute requests for good measure

January 2021
1. As was expected, in terms of major clearances, the year got off to a slow start. With access to so many buildings being restricted due to the Covid-19 pandemic, furniture has had to stay put in many cases. What has kept us increasingly busy is the sale of seating through our retail outlet. With the number of people working from home still increasing, we have been hearing more and more complaints of a flat kitchen chair giving the user a flat bum. This has driven sales of top quality office chairs by the hundred. It is also great to see customers investing in quality, top end seating, which is a much better long term investment, both in terms of money and, more importantly, in posture, which makes a huge overall contribution to well-being.

2. It is also very satisfying to see the response our retail outlet is getting locally. Through word of mouth and targetted advertising, the word has spread, keeping our delivery team busy with more frequent trips across Norfolk and Suffolk. Thanks to the continuing support of customers locally and in our heartland of Essex, London and surrounding counties, despite the health crisis, business is looking good for 2021.

3. With such strong interest in the retail outlet, we have been taking the opportunity to further improve the visitor experience with changes to the layout, making it easier to locate just the item in comfort. This month also sees the start of a major upgrade to the lighting in our building, all of which should be completed in February

December 2020
1) The month started off with a bang when Warner Brothers called us in for a three hundred workstation office clearance in central London. Coming straight from being locked down for the previous month or so, you could say we hit the ground running. Needless to say, the client was delighted when the job was finished on time with no fuss or disruption.

2) Hard on the heels of that job came the biggest office clearance of the whole month. Mintel called on us to clear hundreds of workstations, including a large number of designer items that made the job really interesting. On of the most fascinating pieces was a full size copy of Dr Who's phone box. That is now in pride of place in our own office. The people at Mintel were great to work with and there is a good vibe in the company as unlike many others in London, this clearance was to help move more people into their own office, with many others working in their homes.

3) A regular client of ours, a large IT company also called us back in December. In case of a sudden need to devolve staff to home work, the company had held back hundreds of chairs. As it turned out, the need never materialised so the chairs were removed for recycling and resale.

4) As it worked out, a large influx of chairs in December was a very timely thing. Demand for office furniture, particularly chairs for those finding themselves working from home continued to be very high. Such an increase in our online stock meant that we were able to keep up with the demand whilst offering even wider choice and better than ever value. With free delivery still possible in the majority of cases, we have been kept very busy making sure that people who now have to work from home can do so in comfort.

November 2020
1) November was a month spent indoors for us. Like so many other retail outlets, our shop was unable to admit customers owing to the Corona lockdown. Putting the time to good use, for us meant adding more lines to our online shop. Due to time constraints, previously, some items didn't get added to the catalogue online purely because there weren't enough hours in the day to add them all, so we were forced to stick to the most popular items. The greater choice proved popular, as was demonstrated by the wide variety of items that were purchased for direct delivery or click and collect.

2) With the trend for working at home being still very strong, chairs and small desks are still selling very well. Also, due to the great value available from our range of recycled office chairs, customers are snapping up the higher specification chairs, realising that this is somewhere they are going to have to sit for long periods, so comfort and proper support are vital. People are delighted when they find that they can buy a far superior product for the price of something very ordinary. Add free delivery to that and everyone's a winner!

October 2020
1. October has been a month for putting smiles on the faces (among other places) of a very large number of customers. With the Covid-19 crisis still rife, the number of people finding themselves working at home increases daily. This usually starts the same way with the person concerned sitting at a kitchen table on a flat based dining chair. This inevitably brings aches, pains and ultimately a loss of concentration. With free delivery throughout the country now, we have been arriving on many doorsteps with a nice, ergonomically correct chair that is supportive throughout a full day's work. That has certainly brought out a lot of happy responses. If you are feeling their pain, call us for a great deal on a 'proper' working chair and banish those backside blues with free delivery too.

2. The major clearance this month was for a tech firm in St Pauls, London. The company thoughtfully held back the chairs for distribution to their staff working at home. A pattern is definitely appearing here! That left hundreds of desks and dozens of meeting room sets to be recycled. Another spin-off from the current health crisis is that London is now so much easier to get around. The huge recycling task was carried out easily and quickly thanks to the lack of traffic and the easy access to recycling partners in the capital.

Septmber 2020
1. As can be expected, the changes enforced by measures to restrict the spread of Covid-19 dominated the commercial landscape through September. Sadly, we have seen a number of small businesses closing down. Others have been able to adapt and have taken to working out of their homes. Larger corporate businesses have seen a major change in the way their teams interact, with a mixture of home working and changes to the way existing office space is used.

This has meant a massive increase in the clearance workload from offices of ten desks right up to some of the biggest office spaces in London. It has also meant that some work has been in re-distributing the furniture from an office to smaller units and employees' homes, as well as re-using and recycling office furniture. Luckily, with a close-knit team of highly dedicated people, we have been able to be flexible enough to adapt to whatever was needed by our clients.

2. Small desks and office chairs for use of home workers has been very much the flavour of the month again. With the crazy times that we are all going through, this is much to be expected, and doesn't look like changing for the foreseeable future. Having seen how many buildings in London are now standing empty, the only conclusion that can be drawn is that the city as a workplace has changed for ever. The news reports may say that the traffic is increasing again, but from what we see that is mostly service vehicles and people who don't want to use public transport. The stations are empty, with hardly anyone coming or going, even at peak times.

London's Square Mile is currently the world's least lived in city district. My prediction is for that to change in the wake of all that is currently happening and the balance will shift from commercial to residential use. Wherever you live though, if you find yourself working from home, our great choice and free national delivery mean that you don't have to labour in discomfort. Call us for the latest stocks of ergonomic office furniture at home.

August 2020
1. Even though business has been very brisk, this month we took a bit of a break from every day activities to keep our Ipswich shop premises looking great, in line with the range of designer office furniture that is stocked there. The local professional decorators did a great job in keeping with our classic black and white theme. We are sure that customers will love visiting us in our new surroundings. We're delighted with the results and the new signage outside.

2. The market for designer chairs still seems to be very buoyant, with literally hundreds of top name chairs coming in and going out. Even though money is universally tight at the moment, the importance of spending your work time sitting comfortably with a degree of style amounts to good value. Of course, our highly competitive prices help too.

July 2020
1. With the wide range of stylish designer chairs and free nationwide delivery, July was again a very busy month for the delivery of office chairs. People who have been forced to work from home have been finding that it is the best way for them to continue, so investment in furniture for home offices has been healthy. With changes forced to avoid the covid-19 virus, it has given a lot of people the opportunity to step back and evaluate the way they work. We can see this trend continuing for some time and will continue to support home office creation with a great choice of stylish, comfortable furniture, great value and free nationwide delivery.

2. "We can't work on a flat chair at our kitchen table anymore" is one of the quotes that we are very commonly hearing.

3. July has been a month for small clearances in London. Having received hundreds of enquiries, mostly driving through the deserted streets is still quite eerie, making our capital seem like a ghost town. There has still been healthy interest from corporates needing clearances as a part of their programmes to expand or move.

June 2020
1. Carrying on where May left off, June sees an increase in demand for office seating. Whilst out delivering quality office chairs for people who suddenly have to work from home, it is striking how empty all the streets are. There is next to no traffic on the roads and nothing is moving. With so much work now being done at home, it is good to think of reduced travelling time enabling people to spend more quality time with their families rather than pretending to be a sardine on public transport, or wondering where the next hold up is going to be when travelling by road.

May 2020
1. The world in which we operate has changed dramatically due to the current virus crisis. Sales of office chairs and small desks for home use have been non-stop since April and our delivery team has been busy all over the UK. The massive rise in home working comes from all sectors, including the NHS, our existing clients and new friends who have come to us through personal recommendation.

The most heartening sector to see growing is the new startup businesses. Even in these troubled, strange times, it is great to know that the entrepreneurial spirit is still strong, bringing new businesses to the market place, with their principals working from home. We firmly believe that it is this kind of vision, confidence and imagination that will help lead us out of the current economic slump.

2. With all of that going on, May gave us a massive kickstart. In addition to the surge in home working, Integro Insurance, one of our regular clients commissioned us to clear another huge office space for them. There have been many other projects started this month too. Sadly, some of these have been to clear space for those who didn't survive the lockdown. Hopefully, the people liberated from those roles will be part of the new wave of small, home based businesses that is burgeoning. Other clearances have been started because companies are realising that they can operate remotely and some of the enforced home workers will have their lives changed permanently, which is cutting down on the amount of space required, bringing us clearance work and new stock for recycling to home users.

Even when times are as bad as this, there can still be benefits to be gained in the long term and changed working patterns seems to be one of the best of these.

April 2020 :
1. With uncertainty over long term effects of Covid-19 and the length of time for which movements will be restriceted, much of our normal work in April has been on hold.

However, with the number of people suddenly finding themselves having to work from home, many have appreciated our free delivery service for office furniture throughout the UK.

Where key organisations have carried on working and needed extra capacity or a re-organisation, we have been offering contact free delivery services throughout and will continue to do so until travel restrictions are lifted.

March 2020
1. At the beginning of March, concerns over Covid-19 were beginning to impact our office clearances, with a number of significant contracts being cancelled or delayed. Then, on March 23rd, along with so many other businesses, we received orders to close for the duration.

2. With the office clearances on hold and the retail shop being closed. Like everyone, we have had to adapt to the new circumstances. As well as delivering office furniture to those now forced to work at home, we have mainly been supporting key industries, the ones without which there would be no essential supplies. Farmers, food processing plants, shipping and transport industries are all working as hard as, if not harder than ever to make sure the couuntry is fed.

February 2020
1. As an experiment in opening up our Ipswich used office furniture retail outlet to even more people, eBay Business was brought into our marketing mix for the first time. From a steady start, interest quickly grew to the point where the items were getting thousands of views and sales were starting to pick up.

Helped by the policy of free UK delivery, introduced last October, sales through eBay Business should continue to grow. There is a wide range of stock already listed with more being added daily, so if you are in need of great value office furniture, take a look at our eBay items. We are hoping that this is going to prove a great asset in recycling high quality, previously owned office furniture.

The UK has seen a big shift in attitudes to used and recycled office furniture. With focus on corporate responsibility for waste and recycling, many of the largest comapnies are now buying used instead of new. Every item is refurbished to as new standard yet still sells at half the price of new. This is great news for the companies involved as it saves them money while increasing the public perception of their environmental friendliness. It is also great for the planet, cutting down on waste and manufacturing pollution, and of course, great news for us as it will keep us busy clearing, recycling, re-using and refurbishing for a long time to come.

January 2020
1. 2020 Started in much the same way as 2019 finished with the clearance of two further sites of over 1000 workstations each comprising desks chairs and cabinets. These clearances were carried out for the same client who had engaged us for our biggest clearance to date in December.

The client was so impressed with the efficiency of that clearance, that they called us back in for what turned out to be the busiest start we have had in any year. Starting on January 2nd, both jobs took three weeks to complete and all the items were successfully recyclced, re-used and re-sold via our nationwide network and our increasingly useful retail outlet in Ipswich.

December 2019
1) "Wow!" may be just the word we need to describe December 2019. It was the month in which we completed our largest office clearance and recycle project. This job involved drafting in the entire team for every day of the month, apart from Christmas Day and Boxing Day. Other than that, it was all hands to the pumps from 7am to late in London, removing thousands of items to be re-distributed and recycled all over the country.

It was very hard work but immensely satisfying to get the job done on time so that the owner could get on with the building's refurbishment immediately in the new year. Needless to say, we all enjoyed our Christmas Dinner and a couple of days doing very little.

November 2019

1)This month most of our energy went into working on the retail side of the business in Ipswich. This outlet is vital to our business model as by enabling us to recycle furniture for re-use and re-distribution, it helps us keep on track for our 100% recycling sustainability record, of which we are very proud.

The furniture that we collect from clearances all over the country comes back here for sorting, cataloguing and re-homing to help businesses keep their costs down and for society as a whole to reduce waste.

2) November was also a busy month for many smaller clearances of 50 – 100 positions. This is a great, fun part of our business. It brings us into closer contact with our clients and takes us to exciting new towns. Every couple of days through the month, we had new ares to explore and new people to meet. Variety is the spice of life and all that!

October 2019:
1. Another great association that we have made this month is with the Ipswich Chamber of Commerce. The Chamber engaged us to carry out a clearance for them and were so impressed, they signed us up on the spot, thus opening the doors of promotion to a further 1200 local businesses.

2. The big clearances carried on throughout October too. Again, there were occasions when two or three big clearances were being carried out concurrently. On a rough estimation, our total unit recycling of office furniture items in the last three months amounts to some 20,000 pieces.

This is especially pleasing at a time when so much public focus is being brought to bear on the matters of ecologically sustainable living and working. By constantly recycling these items along the line, a huge amount of waste is prevented. Much of that furniture would have gone to the tip and been broken up had it not been for our customers giving a new lease of life and purpose to all these pieces.

It is also highly likely that when these pieces of furniture have been outgrown by their new owners, that they will find their way back to us, to be recycled for another user, thereby saving the waste and pollution of them having to buy new.

September 2019:
1. This month brought a massive influx of work from larger corportions. In fact, nobody here can remember a time when we have been so busy with large scale office clearances. At one time, there were three large clearances all going on at the same time.

Of course, this was a huge challenge, but thanks to the hard work and dedication of our team, all the works were finished ahead of schedule.

2. Our Ipswich office furniture sales operation continues to go from strength to strength. This month, thanks to continuous campaigning on the part of our sales team, what started off as a job to supply furniture to a castle in Devon, led to our being appointed the preferred national supplier for the National Trust.

Because all our customers get free delivery wherever they are in the UK, our sales team had some other interesting travels this month. Even if you only need one item, the delivery is still free, so this month saw us delivering office furniture to small villages as well as apartments in the middle of London, Birmingham and Manchester.

August 2019:
As usual, the end of the academic year saw us kept busy with many schools clearing out end of life furniture, ready for the arrival of new items in time for September.

We were also called in to undertake major clearances for two large London Colleges.

The retail shop in Ipswich is now buzzing and with all those schools needing to replace or top-up furniture, we have established relationships with education authorities all over the country to offer great value on recycled furniture, as well as a discount structure for education and free delivery throughout the country. This proved highly successful, not only keeping us busy throughout the holidays, but right up to the present, orders are still being despatched to schools and colleges.

Sustainability is the goal of very many local authorities and government departments, not to mention businesses and private individuals, who need great quality office furniture while avoiding the environmental cost of buying new. We are proud to play our part in helping businesses and government departments achieve greater sustainability.

July 2019:
1. To make it even easier for customers to buy great value office furniture, the free delivery programme that was instigated a couple of months ago for customers in Norfolk, has now been extended. From now on, wherever you are in mainland Britain, no matter how large or small your order, delivery to your door will be absolutely free. This is another stage in our aim to provide the best possible buying experience to all our customers, old and new.

2. Distance is no object when it comes to getting the job done. This month saw us called up to Edinburgh to clear over 800 work stations of office furniture for a national bank in Edinburgh. The work took a whole week of long days, but was completed on time, leaving a very happy client with cleared offices. We were made to feel extremely welcome in our Edinburgh digs and had a great time exploring the city in the evenings.

June 2019:
1. The flavour of the month for June couldn't have been much more different to May. The predominant items arriving this month were desks and tall storage units. This was great news as it provided a great opportunity to balance our stock and provide a bigger choice across the range for visitors to our Ipswich outlet.

2. June wasn't so busy in the Ipswich retail shop but that gave us a great opportunity for a re-organisation. With three floors all bursting with great office furniture, there was a fair bit of sorting out to be done. The end result of this, along with recycling some old stock, is that it is much easier for visitors to browse the stock and find just what they need. Call in and try it for yourself. There are over 2000 chairs, 1000 desks and hundreds of storage units along with various office furniture items to browse and a relaxed, comfortable layout in which to browse them.

3. We are now proud to be the largest stockists of used office furniture in the whole of Suffolk & Norfolk.

May 2019:
1. It seems that May was all about office chairs. In just that month, we recycled, re-used and re-sold over 3000 of them. This was great news for our Ipswich retail outlet as it meant that there was an unsurpassed choice of seating for customers to choose from, as well as huge stock for instant delivery and amazing value.

2. Time flies! The Ipswich retail outlet which we took over is now in its 16th month of operation and going strong. The word is being spread now with radio advertising on IPWICH 102, the area's leading independent radio station. This is providing us with lots of good feedback & sales. Also, look out for our large road billboard sign put on the A11 in Norfolk, aimed at increasing brand awareness in to Norfolk and beyond.April 2019
1. April saw the final phase of a massive office clearance for Hounslow Council. In just over three years of a phased move to new premises, over 2000 desks and pedestals as well as over 2000 other items of matching furniture have been removed and recycled.

The last phase was the biggest, comprising over four hundred desks and three hundred matching units. As always, the job was completed in good time and without fuss. It has been great to be an integral part of the Hounslow Council team in this move and we wish them well in their new premises.

March 2019
1. March was dominated by an influx of designer chairs. In three visits to one regular customer, we removed over four hundred Herman Miller Mirra chairs. Many of these have been re-homed already but we now have significant stock of these highly desirable chairs ready for delivery. Delivery is free throughout Norfolk and surrounding areas by the way, making these even better value for money. Give us a call or click in the header of any page to send us an email for a quote.

2. We also found time in March to give our retail premises a complete facelift, so in addition to great deals on previously owned office furniture, you can now relax and enjoy the new surroundings. The walls now display much in the way of new artwork for enjoyment and as conversation pieces. There are also new Circus art deco signs to enjoy, pictures of which can be seen on our Google My Business page. We hope that you like them.

February 2019
It all seemed quiet in February for a while. Then an urgent call came through from Wigan Council. Last summer we had cleared eight phases of offices for them. Now, there was an urgent need to clear another three phases. The next day, with regular hotels booked, we got together and headed north west. The council were delighted when just three days later, which was two days ahead of schedule, the clearances were complete. Once again, we had a great time there, being made to feel welcome and part of the team.

January 2019
January was starting slowly with people drifting back to work after Christmas. A number of smaller clearances were completed in various locations all over the country and things were going smoothly.

Half way through the month, we had an urgent call from who were moving up a floor in their Borehamwood office building. With a fairly tight deadline to meet, there was a heavy workload, removing hundreds of workstations, chairs and office cabinets for recycling through our used office furniture outlet. The job was completed well within schedule so that Justeat were able to hand the old office back to their landlord. The company was happy, as were the staff who now moved into their pristine new space with nice white desks, colourful chairs and breakout areas. Everyone's a winner!

December 2018:
1) December was running along in much the same way as November had, with large numbers of small office clearance jobs. All the jobs were based in London, so scheduling and completing such clearances on an almost daily basis was quite straightforward.

2) Then, as happens from time to time, an unexpected massive project appeared. CMED Clinical Group was moving from one building to another on the same site in Horsham, Sussex. This task involved recycling over 500 items of office furniture, as well as finding new homes for over twenty fireproof cabinets. The job was completed on time and all the items, including the fireproof cabinets were recycled or rehomed.

November 2018:
1) Against the trend of recent years, November brought us a large number of smaller office clearances, whereas previous Novembers were characterised by large contracts.

2) There was one large clearance this month though, for SBH Page Read. The task was to clear a very large Hertfordshire office block in readiness for a new occupier. Luckily, the building was not in use and we were given the keys in good time, which meant we were able to work hard without interruption. As a result, the clearance was finished ahead of schedule, making another client happy.

October 2018:
1) One of the most interesting and challenging jobs yet came along in October. "The Chartered Insurance Institute" called us in to clear their entire central London office. This was a huge task, made even more interesting by the ageing building. There were hundreds of items to be moved, many of which were big and awkward. Getting that lot down the old school, winding staircase was a very interesting part of the job. Also very interesting was that on the way up or down the stairs, we were treated to the sight of the world's largest collection of Fire Insurance Plates. Back in the day, if your building was on fire, and the fire station knew you had such a plate on display, they would come and put out the fire. If not, your building would be allowed to burn down. Times change eh?

2) In an example of same day service, Olive Communications called us at short notice to clear one of their old offices in High Wycombe. The job was started on the day of the call and completed in just three days. Not bad for an office that had furniture and equipment for over 100 staff. Luckily we have the resources to clear, recycle and ethically dispose of large volumes of office funiture quickly, even at short notice if required.

September 2018:
September saw a break in the globe-trotting that had been much the way of our work for the last few months. We have been called in to clear office furniture at locations all over the country. It's funny how such things go in cycles. Throughout September, we have been nowhere but London.

Mostly the work was clearing smaller offices of 20-30 people where either all the furniture had been updated, or where staff had been moved up into larger offices. It is just as important to do a great job for a small customer moving a few dozen items as it is on the larger clearances. Make everyone delighted and you never know where you may get a call from next.

August 2018:
1) August is very often a quiet month for office clearances with so many people taking holidays etc., so this August was dedicated to promoting our over the counter office furniture shop in Ipswich. This is where we recycle and re-home much of the furniture that comes in from the office clearances.

As the building hadn't been redecorated for some 20 years, the first steps in this ground-up facelift were in repainting each floor in modern colours, which, in itself, made a massive difference to the look and feel of the building. The studio was refurbished to take the most accurate and appealing photographs, which were posted to our web site in order to make sure that it was completely up to date and accurate.

The many positive comments from visitors during August were a sure fire sign that the improvements were not only welcome aesthetically, but were also making it easier for customers to find what they want. Water dispensers have been installed throughout the building to make sure that the health and well being aspects are well served, particularly in the hot weather that the country has been enjoying recently.

To help visitors find their way here, 6 metre flags have been erected at the front of the building. The next work is concentrated on the exterior with new walls to the front and improved signage to emphasise the exciting and comprehensive nature of the business, providing recycling services throughout the country.

July 2018 :
1) Another major clearance for Wigan Council was completed in July. As this was twice as much work as the previous phases, it meant taking extra help along and spending two nights in the town. This really is no hardship as every time we stay in Wigan for a clearance job we come away with the feeling that we have been fabulously well looked after by really nice people. Apart from the hard work of moving the office furniture and equipment during the day, it is almost like being on holiday.

2) As if to reinforce they power of the 'buy local' ethos, Birketts, the solicitors who acted for us in the purchase of the Ipswich shop, called us in to clear their old offices. The company has just moved into new premises and needed clearance of furniture and equipment that formerly served their 200 plus staff members. This was a nice, easy job for us as the people had already moved, so the place was empty and we could get on with the job at full speed.

3) Construction company, Wilmott Dixon provided the biggest clearance job of July for us. With two phases of refurbishment to complete in their Hitchin offices, the company called us in to help with phase one. We are all looking forward to phase two…

June 2018
1) With Birketts Solicitors moving to their new, purpose built offices as part of a major expansion programme, we were very pleased to be tasked with clearing their original offices, right next door. The client was delighted as not only did we remove their office furniture for recycling, but we also dealt with the office waste that was generated in the process.

2) Also in June, two major office clearances were completed for Ipswich Council in Needham Market and Hadleigh, both in Suffolk. This led to the recycling and re-use of over 800 desks and a similar number of bookcases and various other office storage units.

3) Finally in June, another phase of the Wigan Council office clearances was successfully completed. Two down, six to go in finishing this major project.

May 2018
1) May saw the team travelling to Wigan for one of the larger phases of clearing offices for Wigan Council. This is a very large project, spread over eight phases, each lasting two days. Overall, the task is to clear and recycle more than 500 desks, plus chairs and a thousand other items of office furniture and storage. The overnight stays in Wigan make this a very enjoyable job, with comfortable accommodation among people who are making us feel very welcome. We are looking forward to the remaining phases of this clearance project over coming months.

April 2018:
1) April started off busily with a large clearance for Their office is right in the middle of London's entertainment heart, Soho. This brings its own problems of access and parking, so all clearance work had to take place out of hours. Well, at least it meant that we were able to watch all the people enjoying themselves in the surrounding bars and pubs while we worked!

2) April was also another great month for the influx of designer office chairs. Another seven companies chose to use our services to dispose of high end chairs from Charles Eames, Herman Miller and Kush, among others. In total, over 700 of these desirable pieces of furniture were collected in the month.

3) This month also saw the new retail outlet get into full swing. With new phone systems, alarms, computers and web sites all receiving heavy investment, it is now easier than ever to select and buy items from our huge stock. This is changing all the time, so take a look at our web site at for the latest. If you can't see exactly what you want, it is fairly likely that just the right item could come into stock at any time, so give us a call with your wish list, or click in the header of any page to send us an email.

March 2018:
1) In just two months of trading, the new retail unit in Ipswich is having a fantastic effect upon our business. By having a local presence, a whole new group of customers are entrusting their clearance business to us. This includes office clearances at two large sites owned by Ipswich Council as part of its restructuring programme. In total, these two jobs involved over 600 desks, with a similar number of chairs and cabinets. That kept us very busy.

2) Having the central warehouse and outlet facility has brought new benefits to smaller customers too. By offering the facility to bring office furniture items to us, we have saved on labour, vehicles and fuel on a couple of jobs recently. These savings were then passed on to the companies in the form of a rebate, making everyone a winner. We saved some costs, they got some cash. Perfect!

February 2018
February was a very exciting month for us. The new office furniture outlet in Ipswich was furnished, stocked and opened for business.

The premises has been there for 20 years, housing a business focusing on the local office furniture market. With comprehensive re-branding and restocking, it is now ready to serve the entire UK as well as personal callers and local business people.

By maintaining huge stocks of high quality used office furniture, this will also help us to reach out to more potential clients in the future.

Take a look at the new web site to get an idea of the stock available there.

January 2018
January came in with a bang and off we went with our first client of the year.

Integro Insurance of London hired us twice more to clear other offices making them ready for a big move to Fenchurch Street. Involved in this move was office equipment including 100 work stations.

Our thanks to Integro for keeping us busy over the past few months.

However, our work is not all about big projects for big clients. January also saw us complete a number of smaller clearances in and around London for clients of widely varying businesses. Whatever the scale of your project, we will be happy to make arrangements for your clearance with the same efficiency, speed and discretion offered to all our clients.

January also saw us celebrating a decision that was made a while ago. Our business has now expanded to a retail outlet in Ipswich. This expansion means we can reach even more potential clients in the future too. Many thanks and congratulations to the team who really put in some exceptional effort to make this a smooth move.

November & December 2017: Record-Breaking Quarter AND End of Year!
As the title suggests, we have been extraordinarily busy over the whole of autumn and winter.

In November, HS2, one of our major clients, hired us for a project that dominated our last quarter with two enormous yet challenging projects of office furniture removals. HS2 took over the main offices in Euston station and all other surrounding buildings in the station area.

We were there to clear the entire contents of the office buildings on a two stage project which meant we had to do half in November and the second half in December.

This month saw the second half of the enormous project set for us by HS2 and the 5th largest accountant in the country, Grant Thornton. Their project for us was to clear out nine floors of an office building within the city.

It was all good hard work that saw new homes for the items. In total we cleared thousands of pieces of office furniture including desks, chairs and other bulky items. Every item needed to be recycled ethically and responsibly, which we are well known for, and which is why so many of our customers keep returning to us for office space solutions.

After all that heavy-lifting, we'll enjoy a well-earned rest over the Christmas period. If you require extra space and want to work with a business like us, friendly and professional, then keep us in mind for the new year.

Merry Christmas and we'll see you again in 2018

October 2017
This has been the month of working for clients at multiple sites. Coordinating office clearances for such operations is a real test of teamwork and once again, many thanks to the team for proving themselves well and truly up to the task.

1) In the first part of a contract that is going to go on for months, A large insurance company is growing through acquisition and has bought up a large number of smaller companies, all based in London. This means a large number of relatively small clearances to complete as the programme of bringing all the businesses under one roof progresses. The first clearance, from Leadenhall Street was completed this month, leaving our customers very happy with the quietly efficent work carried out.

2) Also this month, the first of a series of clearances was carried out for a leading Internet clothing company to help them streamline their organisation and centralise their resources. This one is also going to run and run over a number of months, so we are looking forward to more challenges as the vision takes shape.

3) In the growth by acquisition field, this month also saw the start of a long-term programme of clearances for an American technology company. As with our insurance client, the aim is to bring together a number of smaller businesses. The difference is that the area of operation is more widespread, already seeing us clear offices for them in Bishops Stortford and Maidenhead.

September 2017
September brought us days in the sun, for more than one reason as well as some very interesting work with unusual results.

1) The first of the interesting tasks in September was carried out on behalf of Moventi in Bristol. In order to get as much done as possible before this bustling, historic city got too busy, we stayed in a local hotel and started each day at 5am. This helped our client get the work completed well ahead of schedule and brought the side benefit of the work being finished at 11am on the final day, leaving us the rest of the day to enjoy the sunshine in Bristol. Happy days!

2) Our second opportunity to spend time outdoors came when an aeroplane company in Chelmsford wanted us to clear a huge amount of old furniture that was stored in a number of containers. Without having to deal with the interior of offices, stairs and elevators, we spent the day in the fresh air, removing everything in the course of one sunny day. Everything got re-used, the client was very happy and so were we.

3) A very interesting job came when we were called on to clear an office in Mayfair, London, removing not only the furniture, but also cutlery, some very nice white desks, computer equipment and stationery. All of the items are to be used in a new crime drama series that starts filming later this month.

August 2017
1). Another big job this summer took us to Birmingham. The receivers had been called in to a large company and the huge task of removing office furniture was next for us. The landlord wanted his building back and so we went to work on the office space. As there were many people still working there while we were removing the items, it was clear that emotions were raw and even vulnerable. We pride ourselves in our professionalism so we offered friendly and sympathetic smiles and waves. when removing the furniture around those people who had worked in there. Sometimes office clearances are not just about the muscle involved, we have heart too.

July 2017
1). During the summer months, we received a call from Mitsubishi Heavy Industries to clear a large office block of theirs. It was a straight-forward job that we cleared in two phases. As there were hundreds of chairs and cabinets, we recycled them without the need for landfill. We pride ourselves in sensibly and ethically recycling items. Caring for the environment is in everybody’s interests.

2). A challenge awaited us in Ipswich this summer. A former BT building required clearing. This is a normal kind of job for us. However, the location of the items (tall and heavy storage units) meant we had to think outside the box (pun intended). For the majority of the items we were able to remove via the lifts but the storage units required some old-fashioned thinking. So several of us took them carefully down five flights of stairs proving no job is too tough for our team. No blood, plenty of sweat but no tears means it was a great challenge accepted.

June 2017
The flavour of June was a large number of smaller clearances of high end designer furniture. Whatever the size of your office clearance, we are usually able to help recycle your furniture quickly, efficiently and cost-effectively.

1) An unusual job in June was to clear 500 brand new desks, still in their original packaging, from the premises of an office furniture manufacturer. They were branded as 'unsaleable' because they were no longer considered trendy enough for the new market. We found new homes for all of them within the month and are now busy recycling all the cardboard boxes!

May 2017
The characteristic of May for us was a small number of very large office clearances.

1) A major software company needed to clear two offices of some 600 work stations. The work was based in Norwich and the More London building in Tooley Street, London. This was a big task with tight deadlines, so we were very glad of the facilities (including lifts) in the nice, modern buildings, which helped us to get the work completed well ahead of schedule.

2) We were able to help out a very stressed facilities manager for a cosmetics company in Brentwood, Essex this month. His preferred office clearance company had let him down at the last minute and with a deadline looming, found us on the Internet on the same day. The last minute request was to clear four storeys of their office space. We pulled out all the stops and it was highly satisfying to be able to help out and get the task completed a day ahead of schedule.

April 2017
A month virtually spent away from home, then back to an old familiar friend of a building.

1) It's nice to go travelling but is oh so nice to come home, in the words of the old song. Virtually all of April saw our team scattered across hotels in Manchester while we completed our biggest clearance this year for Addleshaw Goddard. The task was mammoth, with thousands of items to be moved, it was all hands to the pumps every day. We had a great time in the process, met some great people and enjoyed working in a great place, but it is nice to get home and be back to normal for a while.

2) One of our more familiar visits is to Elizabeth House, opposite the London Eye. To keep up with expansion, the company concerned needs new furniture, and we ended up moving more items from there than in all our previous jobs.

March 2017
A great month for chairs and expanding customers.

1) Our first job in March was to remove 300+ mobile pedestals for a hi-tech company in Knighstbridge. Working in such a busy part of London always involves early starts and late finishes to get the job done without causing disruption, but as always the team performed brilliantly and got the task finished in good time.

2) On to the NatWest Tower, where 400 high end RH chairs were removed to make way for new items. Being the third tallest building in London meant that there was a fair amount of distance to be travelled up and down to collect them all, but once again, well done to the team for getting the job done in good time to allow the customer a seamless transition from old to new.

3) Even more chairs came our way in March with the collection of over 300 bistro chairs from a canteen area in London Docklands.

4) Meanwhile, back in London and the iconic Gherkin, downsizing and upsizing became one as we had to move 200+ bench desks for a company that is expanding so fast, they had to install smaller ones to fit everyone in!

February 2017
The flavour of this month was very much one of testing our capacity to handle clearances of big offices under testing conditions.

1) February started with our largest clearance to date for Balfour Beatty. The offices in Maidenhead, used in conjunction with Crossrail, comprised a number of temporary buildings housing over 150 workstations. The furniture had been thoroughly used under harsh conditions on site and was not good enough for re-sale. Everything was recycled even down to the last screw.

2) In a slightly smaller job, 90 Ahrend desks were cleared in one day in conjunction with our transport partner. Once again, thanks to our sister company, Designer Office Furniture Buyer, these designer desks were cleared efficiently and will be recycled through their specialist channels.

3) The old Haringey council offices on Seven Sisters Road provided our biggest office clearance task of the year so far. The biggest clearance of this year so far was the old Haringay council. This was also possibly our most challenging job so far too, as the lifts were out of action, so over two weeks, the team manhandled everything from three floors down the stairs. It was backbreaking work at the time, but very satisfying to look back over a job well done and congratulate ourselves on losing a few pounds.

January 2017
This was the month for getting things done at short notice, clearing offices at the drop of a hat. It was also a very good month for intake of designer office chairs. Luckily with a great team to call on and specialist channels for recycling high-end designer office furniture, the jobs were all completed quickly, efficiently and without fuss.

1) The first job was to clear 400 Giroflex designer chairs from basement storage in central London so that the rapidly expanding finance company could convert the room to extra office space. Our specialist sister company Designer Office Furniture Buyer made this job simple, using their specialist recycling channels to make sure that these great chairs went to good homes.

2) Working closely with Balfour Beatty, an office clearance in Cambridge was completed the day after we got the call. This kind of response isn't reserved for just our biggest customers though. If you need to complete an office clearance, and find yourself under severe time restraints, calling our team will bring sufficient resources to get the job done in your timescale.

3) A little closer to home, a well-known company in Basildon needed a 500 workstation clearance job done in extremely limited time. As usual, thanks to our team, who pulled out all the stops, the job was completed within the customer's deadline.

4) Once again, thanks to our sister company,

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